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    Discover photography- a journey of light for

    Discover photography- a journey of light for



    Each chapter will be dedicated to showing you exactly how to do what you want to do, no matter your level of learning. There are also projects for you to complete that will help to advance your understanding of photography and help you create great images., Each area is illustrated with easy to follow guides. This is the first in a series of books that will cover each of these subjects in a much more indepth degree, these are for beginners wishing to master their passion only.Topics covered are:-1-Buying your first camera2-Looking after your camera3-Shape, texture and colour4-Composition-taking a great image5-From Automatic to manual mode in 4 easy steps-understand exposure and depth of field -6-Capturing the light ?7-Star trails, waterfalls, zooming traffic and panning8-Playing with light, light painting, lightning, fireworks and Bokeh9-Taking images of the moon10-Water droplets11-Studio photography12-Portrait photography13-Landscape photography14-Image editing and trick photography15-Shooting in RAW and histograms16-White balance17-Making money with your images.
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