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    The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering: Create and Develop Your Own Style

    Por Valerie McKeehan
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    Ubiquitous at boutiques and cafés, on Etsy and Pinterest, in stationery and home decor, the art of chalk lettering is hotter than ever. Valerie McKeehan, an Etsy standout whose work has been featured in magazines and websites from Good Housekeeping to RealSimple.com, teaches us everything we need to know to create gorgeous hand-drawn chalk designs. The book is also a practice space, with three foldout “chalkboards”—the inside cover and foldout back cover are lined with blackboard paper. In over 60 lessons, learn the ABCs of lettering (literally) and basic styles: serif, sans serif, and script. Next, how to lay out a design, combine various styles into one cohesive piece, add shadows and dimension. Master more advanced letter styles, from faceted to ribbon to “vintage circus.” Use banners, borders, flourishes. And finally, 12 projects to show off your newfound skills: including a Winter Wonderland Snow Globe; a smartphone-themed birthday card to text friends and family; a one-of-a-kind party invitation to create, photograph, and mail; and a bake sale sign guaranteed to put everyone who sees it in the mood for a cupcake!
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    When adding words that need to fit in a confined space, always count the letters and begin with the center letter. This will guarantee a centered word every time.

    Chalk lettering involves making multiple changes to each letter as opposed to calligraphy where the thickness and style is contingent upon how much pressure you apply.

    Instead of thinking about a letter as a letter, think of the letter as a shape.

    Measure the center points on the top and bottom of the board and place a chalk mark. Likewise, measure the center points on the left and right sides and place a mark. 2 Find the center of the entire board by placing a mark where the vertical center and horizontal center lines you just drew meet.

    Add the guidelines that will determine where the elements in your design are placed.

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