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    This journey of life has just begun

    This journey of life has just begun



    Can a young girl beat all odds? Nancy was a young girl trying to make it in life ,her mother had twenty kids in was a church woman in Nancy wanted to have a free life so she met this older guy in started dating him she did not know what she was getting herself into only thing she knew that he was fine but her life just started when she had her daughter Gensis. When Gensis got older bad things started happen to her it turn Gensis to the wrong direction she started doing bad in school in. When Gensis entered high school she met this guy named Sky she thought he had a good personality until she found something out about him he was a big-time drug dealer. Gensis was so in love she did not want to leave him but as the relationship went on Gensis got sprug out on drugs but God took a hold on her life.
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