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    Through the eyes of a child

    Through the eyes of a child



    This book will take you on a journey back in time; it is narrated by a child who is 3 years old, and continues with the narration until the child reaches the age of 12. The childs own words and thoughts are used throughout the book.Think back to your earlier years, can you remember when you were a teenager, or maybe age five, or even only a few months old? Can you see yourself there? Can you remember your favorite toy, or your favorite place to play? A person can go back into their childhood and remember events and people as though they were there all over again. The mind is an incredible organ that stores and recalls memory and even acts as a defense mechanism to protect its carrier if it has to.At age three Julie recalls I stood there in what was supposed to be my favorite place to play and the only thing I could feel was safety leaving me. all of a sudden, everything faded to black.This journey will cause an awakening to occur for Parents, Teachers, Child Development Professionals, Psychologists, Doctors, Counselors, and for all of those who play a part in the life of a Child.Julie recalls I was awakened by screams of terror. I ran to the living room. He had blood all over his shirt. The neighbor knocked on the door and asked was everything okay. She said that she was going to call the police. I was so scared that I could not move; blackness was all around me. I woke up a few hours later and the brown hand was holding me.The events in this book will stimulate the minds of professionals as they dissect and analyze it; and English students as they critique it.
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