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    Turnings of fire, the

    Turnings of fire, the



    2064 - A combat team is only as good as its members; only as good as the bonds between them. To each member of Baker team, all are family; all are people for whom they would put their lives on the line.Baker ARIEL SWAT team has only one mission; keep twenty-five million residents of New Sacramento safe from deadly nano-sized intelligent robots getting into the hands of terrorists. Dangerous? Specialist Sunny explains to a new crew member, ?Watch your ass, Newbie. When Tier-5 nanobots get loose, they are self-replicating, artificially intelligent, can truncate your Telomeres and kill your ass, Pal!?Captain Griffin Taylor, SWATs finest pilot and leader of Baker team, flies using a direct interface to his brain monitored by First Lieutenant Nadia Piotrowski, his Com officer. Only one problem; shes in love with him and that could interfere with their missions. But, because of an earlier accident, he cant remember her. As Latisha, Sargent on the team tells her, s a damned good pilot, but do your job and dont get us all killed because of you feelings for him. Crew for somebody else or let him go. Still, she sticks.Called on a Zero Priority mission, Griffin, and his team fly through a Force-5 storm to reach the target to catch a criminal fleeing with deadly nano-robots from a research facility. All goes well until the aircraft collides with debris in a storm. Aided by Nadia, Griffin brings the craft back under control, and they arrive at their target.When Griffin takes the perpetrator down by Griffin, the last thing she whispers in his ear as she passes out is that Baker teams been set up on a bogus mission. Later, finding what she said to be true, he knows Baker team is in danger.It is Nadias faithfulness and love for Griffin, the teams loyalty and courage that guide them on a new and more dangerous mission to stop what will become mass murder if they fail to act."Turnings of Fire is a fast, exhilarating read. Its an engaging top-notch thriller thats wonderfully entertaining. Immensely readable storytelling."Lee Collins, Writer"Simultaneously exciting and thought-provoking, "The Turnings of Fire" is both a compelling read and a convincing, wholly original vision of the near future." Marc Taurisano, Author and Screenwriter
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