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    Walk in the city, a

    Walk in the city, a



    A random poem, written on a birthday years before, finds a new life when a series of interrelated profiles come together in a most unexpected way. This is what constitutes A Walk in the City, writer/poet Thomas Porky McDonald?s New York City travelogue. A compilation of pieces written originally for an internal website at his workplace in New York City transit, this volume shares brief, yet effective vignettes on a number of various sites in the city?some famous, and others hardly on the radar. It is dedicated to the average tourist and/or the lifetime New Yorker. McDonald?s love of the place he?s called home for his entire life comes across most vibrantly. Though the outer boroughs are touched upon transiently, this collection of go-to sketches and reminisces is centered mainly in Manhattan, which?as any New Yorker knows?is the place that all those who live in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island call ?The City.? From the world famous sites, like the Empire State Building and Times Square to hidden jewels like the New York City Transit Museum, the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, or the New York City Fire Museum, A Walk in the City provides something for anyone seeking interesting pit stops in New York, whether planned ahead or merely in the course of a day already begun. The book is subtitled An Incomplete Tour since it is McDonald?s contention that no one could truly put every point of interest in the city into a single volume. Here, an unencumbered collection of articles attempts to send the reader out in search of something that cannot be explained without actually having the experience of being there. In any case, this is a city wanderers? bonanza, one that should be considered by anyone who aspires to explore the diverse venues located in the greatest city in the world.
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