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    What mattered most

    What mattered most



    Brandon is the only child of Shelly and Rick Seger, a prosperous couple coping with an abundance of material possessions, a troubled marriage, conflicting career goals, and contrasting parenting philosophies. Lee Kyle lives with his older sister and single-parent mother Louise Kyle, who struggles to provide life?s basics for her family. The two boys meet when Louise moves her family into Brandon?s Owensboro, Kentucky, neighborhood. Although coming from vastly different backgrounds, the two boys are instantly drawn together, finding balance, comfort, and support in a friendship that sustains them in the present and the future. What Mattered Most is an adult fiction novel inviting the reader to experience, and hopefully identify with the unique and rare relationship of these two young men and their interactions with family, friends, and lovers. The story presents a parallel evolution of their lives as they adapt to parental influences, high school experiences, owning high-performance cars, acquiring girlfriends, discovering sexuality, and learning the effects of their choices on their future. The poetry and music of each era is carefully woven into the story to support and enhance the unfolding events and life experiences of the characters.
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