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    What to expect for 2015 and beyond

    What to expect for 2015 and beyond



    My original unedited suppressed prophetic manuscript entitled: What to Expect for 2015 and Beyond concerns you as it constitutes your warning from God about your future. For God always gives a warning before He sends judgment. My written prophecy is NOT ?politically correct? and will certainly disappoint and offend many, as true prophecy always does. Nor is it just a spiritual esoteric eschatology but it includes the hidden issues of the day that God wants known, since they have caused America to sin more. From the global warming deception that has increased unemployment, to the economic fraud of recovery via bailouts, socialist deficits, the American Prosperity Message, the fluoridation of public drinking waters, GMO Foods, high fructose corn syrup, extra terrestrial grey aliens and illegal aliens resulting in earthquakes, pestilences and famines after Obama?s demonic deception causes another ?mean spirited? Civil War. Because in God?s judgment, wars come first, then the destruction of America by ?natural causes?.
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