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    WHY I DON’T BELIEVE The New Testament Jesus Is God Or The Jewish Messiah (English Edition)

    Por Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk


    We offer a course that goes along with this book. This will allow the reader to gain greater information.


    When I discovered truths about Jesus that makes it impossible for him to be God or the Jewish Messiah it was earth shattering for me. It maybe for you also. When this became evident to me i asked questions like, 'what happens when I die?' Is there another life after I die? Is there a heaven? Will I go to heaven? Who will be in heaven? Do I need to believe in Jesus to go to heaven? Is Jesus God? Is Jesus the son of God? What do I need to do to secure my place in heaven?

    Each of these are good questions that I discuss the answers to in my book Why I Don't Believe the New Testament Jesus is God or the Jewish Messiah. The answers to a few of these should not be all that surprising if one comprehends what the New Testament says. In this journey that you are welcome to join me on I share what God's plan is and has been from the beginning.

    It's comforting to know that God has a plan for all his creation. I would venture to say that the great majority without realizing it are following God plan. If that is the situation why should I purchase your book? Would you like to learn how to comprehend what the New Testament says? Would you like to free yourself of Christian dogma?

    As an extra perk I will give you FREE of charge an Audio MP3 down load entitled, Learning To Live Without Jesus or Go To Heaven And Enjoy God. It is one thing to discover that Jesus is not God or the Jewish Messiah but if you believed that he was what do you do when you discover the truth? Both of these of these audios help us to find our place with God in His vast universe and to bake our connection with the Creator directly.
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