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    Women of the Bible: Amazing women of the New Testament (English Edition)

    Por Glenn Pease


    Amazing New Testament Women

    What is the significance of the women mentioned in the New Testament?

    Many of the stories we read in the Bible, we read about the women that God used to do the work he needed done. Most of the stories are small parts that if we skip over, we don't get the real meaning of why the stories are in the Bible.

    The fact that these women are mentioned in the Bible should make us wonder why, and we should know that they are not in the Bible accidentally. God wanted us to read about them, and to know that they were special people in history, and important to know who they were.

    Who are they?

    • Salome , mother of James and John

    • Claudia, wife of Pilate

    • Tamar, Rehab, Ruth, Bathsheba. mentioned in the geaology of Jesus.

    • Woman who's daughter Jesus healed because she talked about scraps for the dogs.

    • Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus

    • Mary of Bethany

    • Peters mother in law

    • Woman who touched Jesus robe to be healed

    • Woman who stole a miracle

    • Mary mother of Jesus

    • Mary Magdalene

    • The Samaritan woman

    • Dorcas

    • Lydia

    • Phoebe

    • The mystery woman

    Read this book and learn who they are and why these women are important.

    Learn what they did to help fulfill Gods plans by doing things only they could do at the time.

    Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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