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    Works of John Gill (English Edition)

    Por John Gill


    A veritable cornucopia of Biblical knowledge, The Works of John Gill is ‎a prodigious collection of commentaries, essays and theses written with detailed ‎mastery that is hard to match. Deep, clear and profound this prolific ‎writer has produced a thus far unsurpassed voluminous verse-by-verse Bible ‎commentary and phenomenally detailed systematic theology besides other works. Gill, ‎author of more than 10,000 pagesstands alone! Gill is ‎worth reading and rereading!‎
    Books Included:
    ‎1.‎The Cause Of God And Truth
    ‎2.‎A Body Of Doctrinal Divinity
    ‎3.‎A Body Of Practical Divinity
    ‎4.‎Solomon's Song
    ‎5.‎The Messiah
    ‎6.‎God’s Love
    ‎7.‎God And God's Sovereignty
    ‎8.‎The Lord Jesus Christ
    ‎9.‎Man’s Fall And Depravity
    ‎10.‎God’s Law And Grace
    ‎11.‎God's Word: The Scriptures
    ‎12.‎The Gospel Minister
    ‎13.‎Baptism: A Profession Of The Faith Of The Gospel
    ‎14.‎The New Testament Church And Public Worship
    ‎15.‎The Christian’s Death, Resurrection, And Final State In Heaven
    ‎16.‎God’s Everlasting Covenant
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