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    World Peace Book (English Edition)

    Por Kirk Ellis


    A new kind of world is before us and cannot function effectively or safely without a collective thinking process that promotes unity, harmony, and understanding. Isolation, separation, extreme dualism are no longer valid, timely, appropriate, logical, or safe. The belief that humanistic studies and personal growth do not apply to the modern world is no longer scientific, philosophically correct, nor is it spiritually valid or humane. The old concept of divide and conquer by becoming more superior must be replaced with a new concept of unite and conquer by becoming more fully humane. Together, we become more; divided, we become less. Together, we prepare for a new humane renaissance; divided, we prepare for endless problematic conflicts of all kinds. There is no choice; we purposely move toward world peace or away from it.

    We are at the crossroads. It is now time to intervene with our evolutionary process and learn how to live in harmony with the full scope of our humane nature.

    This book describes
    •how to become more fully humane,
    •the world peace mission statement,
    •the world peace flag, and
    •the human equation.
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