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    Zz: A Romance of Many Dimensions (English Edition)

    Por Zazie Zelner


    Zz is an original, provocative, erotic, gender bending, comic fantasy with the themes of transition, loss, abuse, despondency, and exclusion.

    About the author

    Zazie Zelner (April 2, 1928 – January 20, 2010) was an American radical feminist philosopher, academician, and theologian. Describing herself as a "radical lesbian feminist," Zelner taught at Mt. Olinger University for 33 years. Zener retired in 2000 after violating university policy by refusing to allow male students in her advanced Women's Studies classes. In an interview with Free Thinking magazine, Zelner said, "I don't think about men. I really don't care about them. I'm concerned with women's capacities that have been diminished under patriarchy. I'm concerned with women: enlarging our capacities, actualizing them. That takes all my energy." Zelner eventually gave up on philosophy, academe, and theology believing them to be hopelessly patriarchal. At the end of her beautiful life, Zelner turned her efforts toward social action.

    Open Access Policy

    You are free to share, copy, or redistribute the materials in this text in any medium or format. You are free to adapt, reuse, modify, transform, or build upon the materials in this text for any purpose whatsoever.
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